With fabulous diving waters and conditions seldom found inside the fjords of Norway, the north western side of Senja is the place to go if you are looking for diving hot spots.

Here on the edge Arctic Ocean the sea is full of wild life and the environment is equally dramatic and varied below the surface as it is above.

The popular diving area around the islands of Bergfjorden is just a 15 minute drive by boat from Camp Steinfjord. The waters in the area has something to offer everyone. That might be the skilled expert hunting the dream catch of spear fishing, or the beginner looking for shallow waters for snorkling.

Get ready to explore the world below.


Here at Camp Steinfjord we can offer you generous spaces to handle your diving gear, because we know that keeping your gear in good condition is an important aspect of your safety.

Our Kvaernö rental boats are sturdy platforms to explore the diving in the area.

Please contact us if you have questions about the diving in the area or if you want to make a reservation for rooms or boats.